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"Firstly thank you for taking the time to visit our recruitment page and showing interest in the fantastic work we offer here at Your Events Group. We pride ourselves as a company who provides the best customer service for all of our clients and guests. Our events include Weddings, Birthdays, Charity Events, Public Events and so much more. 


Our aim as a company is to make unforgettable memories for our clients, making whatever the celebration, one they will never forget. Our staff play a massive part in this, so if you feel you have what it takes to be part of some stunning events in Thanet and the surrounding areas, so please apply below!"

- James Johnston (CEO)


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What positions are you offering?

We are offering a whole range of positions including Bar staff, Catering Staff, Glass Collectors, General Event Staff etc. See below for the full list.


What qualifications are required?

As a company, we look solely into the candidate's competence, friendliness and how well we feel they would help us achieve our outstanding customer service at all events. We require no specific qualifications.


How many hours will I get a week?

It depends on the event. We will be looking to hire you between April - December (or even beyond). We hope to offer you work every weekend, with the average event being 10-16 hours.


Is this full time or part time employment?

Neither, we offer you a list of events to work at, and you choose the ones which suit you. Perfect for anyone wanting to earn some extra money.


How much is the pay?

Pay is based on the position you take at an event. For example, Bar staff are paid slightly more than glass collectors. Most roles are way above minimum wage.


What role can I do?

You can choose your preferred role in the application. Upon a successful interview, you will always be offered your preferred position for events. In the event, we don't have your preferred position available; we will always offer you an alternative. 


Where is the work?

Events are always at different venues/locations. Driving is preferable, but not a requirement.


Is uniform provided?

We provide branded t-shirts and jackets. You will need to provide black trousers & shoes.


Am I tied into a contract?

No, you are offered work. You can either accept or reject the events. You choose what ones you would like to work.

Positions Available


Bar Staff

This role is exciting and rewarding. Working behind our busy mobile bars at the heart of events. Serving hundreds of people per event, meeting a hugely diverse range of people and getting into the atmosphere of the event are just some of the fantastic features of this role. Training will be provided, so no previous experience is required.


Catering Staff

Picture yourself on a warm August evening, and you are at a Wedding in a paddock in Deal. You are working with our fantastic catering team to cook our famous BBQ buffet for 265 guests. Your role is to assist with prep, cooking and serving. All of this is done while the music is playing from the marquee, guests are dancing and celebrating, and the atmosphere is buzzing. Sounds like fun? Apply below!


General Event Staff

This role is diverse and plays a vital role in our company. From assisting with the decorating of marquees, setting up bouncy castles and pouring welcome drinks to welcoming guests, collecting glasses and supporting the other departments where required. 



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If you have been offered an interview via Email or, you would have been asked to visit this page and carefully read the above information about your role. Once you have read this and would like to book in for an interview, please fill out the form below. You will have to choose which role you would like to apply for (you can apply for all of them) and which interview date/time. Interviews will be held between 09:00 and 17:00 (AM is anytime before midday and PM is any time after midday), you will then be emailed your time and confirmation within 24 hours of submitting this form.

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