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Covid-19 and your event...

Updated on 01/03/2021

2021 Update

“Firstly I hope you have kept safe throughout the last year as we wait patiently while covid is slowly becoming depleted as the vaccine is rolled out across the UK.


I feel every single one of our customers frustration, as many have had to re-arrange their entire wedding/event. I am very humbled by my team, who have worked tirelessly to maintain our first class service, while under the stress and restrictions we all face.


Light is at the end of the tunnel, and we plan to be offering our full range of services in line with the Governments plans to slowly slip back to a normal way of living. We hope to have all weddings/events from July 2021 onwards running as planned. 


If your wedding/event is planned prior to July, our team will be in touch to work out an ‘action plan’ to ensure we find a solution which will ensure minimal disruption to your original plans.


We have expended as a whole in 2020, moving into a bigger business premises, invested in Luxury Toilet Hire and expanded our fantastic bar menu. 


Bookings for 2022 onwards are coming in fast, so if you are planning to postpone your wedding/event this year, please do contact my team. 


Thank you for helping us help you during this crazy world we find ourselves currently in". 

Stay safe and healthy!

James Johnston
Director of  Your Events Group and Your Bar & Grill

Our options for you

All Events before July 2021

As mentioned above we are assessing each event individually and are being guided by the Governments advice and your wishes as a client.

We have a few options available for clients with events that are due to go ahead before July 2021.

Options to consider:

Wait and Review

This option is to review the current status of Covid-19, before making a decision to pick another option. We recommend this for anyone who has an event on the 1st July onwards.


It may be your preferred option to postpone your event and choose another date. There will be no charge to do this. See below for this option.


It may be nescarry to cancel your event due to Covid-19's disruption and/or financial implications. Please contact us if you wish to do this.

How to postpone your booking with us

During this unprecedented time, you may be considering to postpone your event. As a company we promise to be as accommodating as possible. We will work with you and our third party contacts to ensure we can supply you with your preferred new date. We have come up with a few options below for you to consider.

Postponement options:

Option A) Keep your current 2021 date booked in. However, choose a 'plan B' date now and we will pencil it in the diary. This ensures your postponement date is booked, you can choose to swap the dates over at any time. Your invoice will still be due 2 months prior to the 'plan A' date. 

Option B) Pick your new date for your event, and cancel your booking this year. We will transfer your file, deposits and payment to the new date. Also, still pay your invoice when it is due in 2021 and we will honour the 2021 prices for your entire invoice including catering and venue hire. 

Option C) Pick your new date for your event, and cancel your booking this year. We will transfer your file, deposits and payment to the new date. However with this option, delay the payment of your invoice until two months before your new date. Unfortunately with this option we will need to apply any 2021 price increases including catering and venue hire.